1. Sport DB jacket buttons three with belt and crescent moon pockets


  2. Second fitting SB in sharkskin


  3. First fitting in doppiopetto


  4. Clean lines in electric blue gabardine housecut DB


  5. A special DB button three - 2nd fitting


  6. Double breast second fitting in Dormeuil gabardine


  7. Woman single breast overcoat in a very dark blue 800 grams vicuna - first fitting


  8. New project in donegal oatmel


  9. Our tradition, our housestyle from three generations


  10. “He was the only one to wear the double breast with nonchalance. His ones were fluid like a pajama” recall Francesco Musella that stiched them for all his life. In the picture, Agnelli to the inauguration of the Caravaggio event at the Grand Palais in Paris. (courtesy of Dove Magazine, April 2014 issue)

    Below, the Musella Dembech housecut DB.